Find the Kid Inside

All of us have a young part that never grows up. In psychological terms it is called the “id.” It’s the part of our human experience that remains a seven year old and always wants ice cream. You know that authentic, joyful part that screams for happiness without hesitation.

We all have it, but many of us have put this organic, beautiful, spontaneous part away so we can be the adult that we must be for our life. Now, this is important too. We can’t be a kid all the time, and I am sure many of us know people who are still children even at older ages.

There’s a Time and a Place for “Serious,” But Don’t Forget Your Inner Child

Don't forget about your inner child. Just when you think you've forgotten about your inner child, s/he's waiting to get out.

We have to grow up sometime. But many of us when we do, we forget that we still have the youth inside us. Because when we forget the little being that we carry around, we might forget our natural joy along with it.

I am sure we all know people who are very serious. Serious is important. It is a focus of energy designed to get things done. And in our lives there are a lot of things that we have to accomplish. So having a serious side can be very useful.

But who wants to be around someone who is always serious? It’s so hard to feel anything other than their worry about getting things done. Also, the more I can attach to the joy inside my inner child, the more I can connect with other people who are present with theirs. And that feels so much better.

Letting Go, Having Fun, and Laughing Are important

Like a new friend I just met. She is so happy and just laughs all the time. It’s so great to be around her energy. I also love it when my husband makes me laugh too. He is pretty witty and when he says something wry or sarcastic I can see his humor and little kid and that’s pretty great too.

We all want to feel light in our lives. We just sometimes carry around such heaviness that we aren’t able to shed it. I know life can be hard. I also know that in moments when we breathe into a part of our being that isn’t full of worries or doubts, we can find a great sense of relief.

You’re Never Too Old to Reconnect with Your Inner Child

It's never too late to reconnect with your inner child.

And why not feel a little bit of relief in your life? I noticed some this morning while walking the dog. There was an elderly man approaching us. I wanted to give him some room to pass, so I pulled the little dog back so we could stand on the grass to let the man move past us easily. His sweatshirt even had something written on it about being an elderly man, but when this man walked by us, he looked straight down at the dog and began talking to her.

“Clean and perky. Clean and perky.” He said it twice. It made me laugh. I felt his little kid inside him playing, and it was just enough to tickle the little girl inside me. We all have this organic, playful side.

Even people in their 80’s. Let yours come out to play. What are you waiting for?

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