What to Do About Infidelity

“What to Do About Infidelity”
Relationship counseling video featuring Linda Nusbaum, Relationship Counselor in Long Beach, CA.

“What to Do About Infidelity” — Video Transcript

I want to talk about infidelity. It’s one of the hardest things for a couple to overcome.

It does not mean the relationship’s over, although many people believe this, if it happens to them.

When a couple suffers infidelity, both of them feel terrible about the situation. That is a perfect time to come in for counseling. Now, most people want it to just be better and turn the page and start over again. That’s not possible.

What we have to do is really look at the underlying causes that precipitated the infidelity. And there are causes: there are places where both people have felt unattended to, and one person may have turned outside the marriage or relationship to get relief.

That is infidelity.

So what I work with is the entire picture:

  • What was lacking?
  • What was missing?
  • What can be rebuilt?
  • How do we heal?
  • How do we move forward?