Why Should You Seek Counseling?

Relationship counseling video featuring Linda Nusbaum, Relationship Counselor in Long Beach, CA.

“Why Should You Seek Counseling?” — Video Transcript

I want to start with telling you why couples counseling is so valuable. Most of the time, when two people love each other, they go into a relationship believing they’re going to be happy, and they want that happiness.

Unfortunately, things happen that get in the way of both people feeling like they’re understood, or loved, or like they don’t feel alone. Things like that can happen in a relationship when two people do love each other, but they can’t communicate.

The number one problem people come to me with is communication. That’s a catch-all word for telling me they’re not understood in their relationship. Now every one knows how to talk. We talk to our mate. We tell them what we want. But they don’t hear us, they don’t understand, they don’t respond the way we want. That, we call communication problems. Now, that’s what brings people in.

But what I know is that communication problems inhibit what really needs to be said. Now a lot of people don’t really spend a lot of time understanding how they communicate to the person that they love. That’s where I come in. I hear things that may sound like blame, criticism, or withholding.

These are areas that a couple can learn to work around. And to understand that their words are powerful, but if they’re said in a way that can be understood, they’ll get everything they need in a relationship.

But if you feel there isn’t communication between you and your partner, or your mate, or your husband, or your wife, that is a good moment for you to take stock in “Hmm, can we do this better? Can we go into counseling and figure this out?”

And I know from my perspective: you can, and you could.