Changing Habits: Positive Change in Action

changing habits as a means to personal growth

Changing little habits can make you feel better. The transition may feel strange, but stick with it and you just might be happier for it. Even something small can make a big difference in your day.

Earlier this month I made a minor decision. I decided to do something about my garage door opener placement in my car. I had become uncomfortable with the opener attached to the visor because the visor doesn’t sit flush with the roof of the car when pushed all the way up. The visor would droop a few inches because of the opener. I found myself pushing on the visor when ever I was driving to see if it would stay up. It was starting to drive me mad.

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Loving from the Inside Out

loving from the inside out

I often work with couples who are so ready to feel loved by their partners. They have dreamed about it, waited for it, fought over it and longed for it. As a couples counselor I see this hunger for love in many shapes and sizes.

It breaks my heart a little when I witness this among the clients I work with. And that’s why I feel so passionately about my work. I believe all couples who are together, who want to stay together, long to feel loved.

Learn how “loving from the inside out” just might reinforce your relationship and help you fight less.

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