Differences & Feeling Empty in a Relationship

Woman Feeling Empty in a Relationship

Some of us in relationships at times feel like we are missing something from our partner. We are waiting to feel more intensity from the person we love. I have personally felt this experience and I know the couples I counsel often talk about it.

This may sound strange, but I believe this occurs in most relationships, even the most loving of relationships and between people who say they have a great relationship.

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Gentle Requests – On Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships: Gentle Requests

By the time we are grown up almost all of us have figured out how to get what we want in life and how to get things that we don’t like to stop. We usually learn these skills when we are very young, starting with our first empowering word: “NO.”

As an adult we find out partner and then we use these same skills to continue the process of getting what we want and stopping what we don’t want.

But for many couples the habits and skills we bring into a relationship often create difficulty with our beloved…

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