Couples Counseling Services in Long Beach

  • Are you in a relationship and sometimes wonder why you aren’t happy?
  • Can you talk about anything that’s bothering you, or do you stuff difficult issues inside and stay silent hoping things will get better?

Linda Nusbaum, Relationship Counselor in Long Beach

  • Maybe you argue using sarcastic comments.
  • Maybe your partner responds to you in this way, too.
  • Does it seem like you are getting nowhere?
  • Do you feel your partner just doesn’t understand you and that you are not being heard?
  • Do you blame each other when you fight?

These blocks in communication are messages that something isn’t working in your relationship. That’s all. It’s a signal that needs to be addressed.

Couples counseling works because you learn how to talk about what’s important…how to heal the hurt places. We help you face the hard stuff…to say the things you want to say, but haven’t because you don’t want to hurt your partner.

Whatever is keeping you from the closeness you desire can be worked out in couples counseling.

You don’t have to be unhappy. Click HERE to view our videos.

Couples Counseling Fees

Relationship Counseling Center of Long Beach's Office: Outside Front View

Linda’s fee is $150/hour.

Visa, MasterCard, checks and cash are accepted at time of appointment.