Videos About Relationship Problems, Counseling, & Therapy

Click on the video thumbnails below to hear Linda explain how she helps couples understand the difficulties they face and the techniques they can implement to improve their relationships.

Relationship Counseling Videos

  1. Meet Linda Nusbaum
  2. Why Should You Seek Counseling?
  3. When Should You Seek Counseling?
  4. Dealing with Infidelity
  5. How Therapy Works
  6. Dealing with Emotional Pain

Meet Linda Nusbaum

Step Into Linda Nusbaum's Office for Couples Therapy

Learn a little about Linda Nusbaum.

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Why Should You Seek Counseling?

Learn why a relationship that starts out great turns into something else, and find out what you can do to improve it.

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When Should You Seek Counseling?

A Couple Needs Help Reconnecting with Therapy

Understand the signs a relationship is in difficulty, and identify when you need to see a counselor.

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Dealing with Infidelity

Learn How to Deal with Infidelity

Understand the elements that make up infidelity. Learn about the issues that preceded the affair and why this happens to couples.

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How Couples Therapy Works

Learn about how therapy works and what it can do for you.

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Dealing with Emotional Pain

Learn about emotional pain and how to cope with it.

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