What Love Feels Like

Some of you might be wondering what love feels like.

Sometimes We Learn What Love Feels Like Through Little Exchanges

Sometimes, what love feels like is something we discover through small exchanges or giving of ourselves.

I was talking to a friend recently and she was telling me about something nice that happened to her. She gave one of her teachers a gift and in return she received a plate of homemade cookies. As she was telling me this story I felt this warm feeling spread across my chest. And I knew instantly it was the feeling of love. My friend felt love for her teacher and he wanted to reciprocate.

Earlier today my little old dog was sleeping next to me on the chair and she put her paw on my leg. Again I felt that spreading warmth wash across my chest and I knew instantly that I was experiencing a feeling of love.

Sometimes Love is Something We Physically Feel

When you feel something inside like this do you ever sometimes find yourself placing your hand on your heart? I know I do. It’s a reflective gesture. I feel my heart engage and my hand just reaches up and places itself on top of my chest. It happens so instantly, most of the time I don’t notice it until the hand is already there.

I think the body knows when it feels something special. Maybe that’s why the hand reaches up so automatically, as if the body wants to keep this wonderful feeling in place for all time.

Love Feels a Little Different for Each of Us

Sometimes what love feels like is merely relaxing and enjoying someone's company.

And I think love can feel differently for each one of us too. I haven’t really asked others where they feel it or when they know they feel it. Maybe I will start asking. If you are reading this, when do you feel it? Does it come when you look at the person you love? Does your chest get warm when you are noticed by the person who loves you?

Do you feel it in your chest? Does it last? Is it fleeting? You are the only one who knows what it feels like inside your body. You are the only one that can notice it inside your body. And you are the only one who can become aware of it when you are feeling it, know what makes you feel it, and how you can be more awake to when you feel it.

Tell us about how you feel love in the comments, at the bottom of this article!

If You’re Still Wondering “What Does Love Feel Like?” Try Checking in with Yourself and Paying More Attention to Your Feelings

I think I am becoming more awake to when I feel love. I know I have had this automatic hand gesture for years though without noticing it. One time during a very heavy family counseling session, a father was talking and when he said something painful as I was listening my hand went up to my heart. I think I said something about what I had heard. But when he saw the hand on my heart he got mad. “Why did you do that? I don’t need that!” It was the first time I became aware of the gesture, and that it could have an impact on someone else.

I don’t know why the father got upset. Maybe he felt too much empathy from me and that felt like too much emotion for him. I don’t know. That was many years ago, but the moment has stayed with me. Maybe it was the power of love. Maybe when we aren’t used to feeling so much love at one time we can become unnerved. Maybe I hold on to it so I can remind myself that all of us are trying to find our way. Even those who can’t allow themselves to feel.

Want a Better Handle on What Love Feels Like?

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