Accepting Differences Between You and Your Partner

Accepting Differences in a Relationship

I was thinking about acceptance the other day and was realizing that this is a practice that might take a long time to get good at, especially when we are talking about relationships. You see, all of us pretty much like who we are. We like how we think, how we behave and act. We like our ways.

And many of us get really perturbed when our partner doesn’t agree with us. They might do something different than what we learned growing up. Or they might like something arranged differently then how we prefer. They might even say things we would never say.

How Accepting Differences Helps Us Cope

Even Children Can Eventually Figure Out Accepting Differences

Often when we see such differences, many of us bristle and try and correct them. Sometimes we can let them go and just chalk it up to our beloved just being they way they are. But on occasion the differences are just too much to deal with.

That’s when we disagree with our mate, or try and change them. And anyone who is in a relationship knows exactly what I mean.

Why Accepting Differences Is Critical

So if you ever get upset at your mate because they are different I want to talk with you about a practice that might be good for your relationship. I am thinking about it more and more because I believe it is one of the best ways for both of you to live a happy, peaceful life.

How about learning to accept our person for whom they are, not for who we think they should be. I know when I write this I believe in my heart that this is the best way to be with the person you love. Yet I do know that sometimes I just want validation and someone to acknowledge that I am right. When I get into this frame of mind though, I forget that my partner probably wants the same thing as me.

Accepting Differences Takes Work, but Is Worth It

Accepting Differences is Important, Despite Difficulty

Learning to accept others is a life-long practice. Don’t beat up on yourself if you can’t get it done right away. It takes a long time to understand that all of us are just trying to live a good life. Some of us strive harder than others, but every human just wants to feel O.K. from day to day.

If we can remember and accept this concept, that everyone has a right to be themselves, we are practicing acceptance. Being accepted by the person we love means we don’t have to put on a phony smile and we can just be ourselves and act our own natural way. That is a very free way to live. Why not make it your goal.

More Help with Accepting Differences Between You and Your Partner

Read a Book About Communicating and Getting Needs Met in Relationships

Safe. Happy. Loved. Simple Skills for Your Relationship. Book by Linda Nusbaum.

Can’t make it on Monday? You can learn more about how to accept the differences between you and your mate by reading Linda’s book, Safe. Happy. Loved. Simple Skills for Your Relationship. It might just help make your relationship even better. Give it a read.

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