Be True To Yourself

Be True to Yourself

Be true to yourself. Many of us sometimes lose sight of our innermost selves. Chance encounters can bring that into focus, and help us reconnect with who we really are.

We Feel Most Like Ourselves When Connecting with Someone Like-Minded

Sometimes in our lives we feel exactly as we should. You know, that feeling from deep down inside us, when we feel alive, happy, and as if everything is right with the world. This feeling may only last for a moment, but when it occurs we can’t forget it.

You may also notice this aliveness when you meet someone that you connect with. It’s as if the other person feels you the way you feel you, and you both feel each other, and then—blammo, something great happens!

Seeing Those Like Us Reminds Us of Who We Really Are

Be true to yourself: march to the beat of your own drum, sometimes. Be yourself.

I was trying to explain this to my husband the other day. I have a friend who has a daughter who is quite rambunctious. She doesn’t like to follow the rules and she likes to make up situations and stories and follow her own drumbeat. When I am around this child I feel as if I am home. It’s as if I have felt this feeling all my life and here it is again in this child. It’s like there is something about her energy that calls mine into action.

Maybe I was like this little girl when I was young. Well actually there is no maybe about it, of course I was like this little girl. I was always in “trouble” and coloring outside the lines. I couldn’t help myself. Maybe you have a similar history where you were often disciplined, but not because you were bad, just because you were, well, different.

Don’t Lose Yourself Inside the Box Society Put You In

And that’s what I think about that little girl, myself, and possibly you. All of us on this planet come to earth with our own particular brand of being. Most of us are taught to be a certain way in the world. We have to conform somewhat to fit in, of course, but some of us have had our very life force snuffed out of us because we are not performing, or conforming to how others want us to be.

Does this ring a bell? If you have felt boxed in or uncomfortable being your true self, craziness and all, this message is for you. And I hope you read the following words and take them in so they live inside you. The world needs you. The world needs your organic brilliance. The world is better off with your blooming essence. The world is waiting for your originality. And I suspect your soul is ready to be set free.

Be True to Yourself By Celebrating Your Nature and Being You

Be true to yourself by expressing yourself in your own unique way.

We are all unique in our own way. Some of us will swing from trees. Some of us will sit quietly on the ground. Some of us will build and create and explore. Others will find our safe harbor and never leave. And guess what? Every one of us is right for who we are, for how we have come to this earth at this time in this body. We are a crazy world of differences. And isn’t that just the way it should be?

Remember to be yourself. Remember to celebrate your truth. It’s time.

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