My Wife Ignores Me When I Make Simple Requests – Relationship Video

You may feel like, “my wife ignores me” or my wife doesn’t listen.” This feeling comes from your wife living in isolation. She has a lot of feelings in reaction to things you say, but they’re not getting expressed. She’s cutting herself off from you. Why?

Why My Wife Ignores Me

Suppose you ask her for a simple favor or two. You’re making suggestions. She has internal narrative accompanying those suggestions. She might be thinking, “I’m not good enough,” “There’s something wrong with me,” “He doesn’t like the way I am,” or “I can’t please him.”

That’s the story your wife tells herself, when she’s questioned, asked to change, or criticized. Heavy stuff. It’s hard to deal with.

It’s actually so painful for her that she can’t even talk. So she shuts down.

What’s Going On While My Wife Ignores Me?

My wife ignores me, even when I reach out to her.

She’s living in isolation with those depressing feelings. They are weighing her down.

When she shuts down like that, isolated, with just her and those terrible feelings, she isn’t happy. She puts herself in a position where the only company she has is the swirling morass of those terrible feelings.

How to Reach My Wife When She’s Ignoring Me

At this point, you’re jumping out of your skin, because you can’t reach her. You’re distraught. She’s distraught. You’re both miserable.

You have a lot to say, and she can’t hear any of it. You need awareness of your wife’s emotional state, so that you can communicate with her better.

She needs to improve her self-esteem. She also needs to know that it’s okay to hear your requests without taking them personally.

They’re requests, not attacks. Be gentle. You love her.

Break Down Communication Barriers

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