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Monday Night Relationship Talks Are On Indefinite Hiatus

Thank you for your interest in our talks. They’re not currently ongoing. The below is preserved for historical purposes.

Linda Nusbaum talks about relationships every Monday night in Long Beach, CA

Join us for free talks about how to improve your relationship.


Every Monday Night 6:30 – 7:30


3530 Atlantic Ave, Suite #102
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About Monday Night Relationship Talks from Linda Nusbaum

Helping couples feel better in their relationships is a passion of mine. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in couples and enjoys teaching people how to be successful with the person you love.

Couples always tell me they love their partner. Unfortunately many couples in spite of loving each other fight and eventually split. I see this as unfortunate. I believe people who are in a relationship with each other want it to work out. What they lack are skills on how to be a good mate.

Skills are about learning how to listen differently to your partner, how to understand yourself better to ask for what you might want and how to fix the relationship after a misunderstanding.

As humans we are pretty good at finding the right person. But where do you learn how to be in a relationship? Many people just assume that if they are loved everything will be OK. Many times it isn’t though. I believe that people in relationships are doing the best job they can, and when things don’t work they don’t know what to do to make it better.

That’s why new skills are needed. I believe you have to become an expert on yourself, and knowledgeable about your beloved. These are some of the skills to learn in order to become a good mate.

These skills can improve how you feel about the person you are with, and when you feel better about being in your relationship, you feel better about other aspects of your life too. I talk about these ideas during the free talk. You don’t have to be in a relationship to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Suggest Topics, Themes, & Questions for the Next Talk!

If there’s a challenge you’re wrestling with in your relationship and you’re looking for some ideas on it, drop me a line and I’ll bring it up at the next talk. Examples of past suggestions:

  • What do I do when my partner yells?
  • My wife shuts down and won’t talk when her feelings get hurt.
  • We love each other, but sometimes have trouble understanding one another…