Do Something Nice for the One You Love

Do Something Nice for the One You Love

Do something nice for your loved one. They’ll feel great. You’ll feel great. Everybody wins, and you’ll be closer than ever.

I had some relatives visit recently, among them a 5-year-old boy who loves “Frosted Mini-Wheats.” For those of you that don’t know, this is shredded wheat with sugar pasted on one side. When I was a little girl I used to live on sweet cereal. So when the relatives left and the box of cereal remained, I claimed it as my own.

For a couple of days I had this lovely cereal for breakfast, feeling like a child again. But on the third day when I went to grab the milk I knew there wasn’t enough for my husband’s coffee the next morning. There was a little left, but not enough for the two cups he drinks daily.

Do Something Nice to Feel Closer

Do Something Nice for Your Partner and Feel More Connected

It was just a thought in my head, but not enough of a worry for me to put the milk back. I used the milk anyway and enjoyed my cereal fix. The next morning though as I was coming into the sitting room my husband announces, “That’s all the milk we have, just enough for one cup.” I know this is on me. I don’t say anything, but I feel responsible and I tell him I will go to the store and buy milk.

He tries to talk me out of it. “No, you don’t have to do that. I will be alright. You don’t have to go.” I know this is true, he will be OK, but something inside me wouldn’t allow me to just sit back, knowing I not only caused the situation, but I could do something about it.

When We Feel Close, We Do Things That Make One Another Feel Great

I said, “It’s OK. I am going.” I put on my shoes and grabbed my purse turning toward the garage and that’s when I heard it. He said, “Thank you, Honey.” It had such a sweet sound to it. It reminded me of early love. You know that tender place when you speak sweetly to your special person, but you do it really soft because you are still so new at it with them.

That’s what it sounded like. That’s what it felt like. Love, appreciation, sweetness, and gratitude all mixed into a beautiful word: “Honey.” I am called wonderful things by my husband. Yes, my name is Linda, but it’s rare when he calls me by my name. I usually hear it when he has something important to say to me or I am in trouble.

Cute Nicknames Are Just One of Many Ways to Do Something Nice and Show Your Love

Do Something Nice That Your Lover Will Remember

What I am usually called are some made up sounds that he uses to express his love. He calls me “BaBa.” You wouldn’t believe all the made up names I have called him over the years. Now there are just two; Bum and New and I very rarely call him by his name either. I guess we just feel closer to each other using pet names.

I always feel his love when he calls me by a pet name. Maybe he feels the same when I call him one. That’s a great feeling too. But when he pulled out that sweetness from deep down inside–that word, “Honey”–and sprung it on me in with such tenderness I was reminded of what we hold most dear, and that’s each other. It was just one little word, and I still feel the effect.

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